Nothing Short of Amazing

Those were the words Fierce Woman and Speaker Dr. Crystal N. Edwards used in her review of the 1FW Inaugural Conference Event. She ain't lie either.

Honestly it was a real haul to get to May 20th. I was disappointed when things didn't go my way. There were broken promises, missed opportunities, forgotten copies and displays, things that normally would have sent me to the hills of defeat. I went into the weekend thinking... "there won't be a next year.".

But, I was transformed.

About two weeks before the event, I asked mysef, "Is this ministry or not?". Said "yes", and didn't look back. The end result was an event that was a blessing to all in attendance. I'm sure there was somebody that didn't have the best time. And, that's ok. But let me tell you.... by in large... for the most part... as far as I could see and feel..... this was something spectacular!

Maimouna "Mumu Fresh" Youssef did some things during her performance that were so beautiful. Her story, the call and response of healing sounds, her creating a song on a little old machine right there on the dang spot! Just inspirational.

The speakers and panelists came through. I purposefully endeavored to use well-known speakers and ministers, but also people that inspired me personally. My friend from third grade, Tiffanie Lisane Coleman, was one of those people. I am so inspired by her humor, bravery, and zeal for life, I asked her to lead a session. And she, like all the others, DELIVERED!

If you attened the conference, expect instructions on how to access the replay. If you did not attend, please consider purchasing a replay. Nothing beats being in the room, but it'll come close!

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