Sunny Majeedah

Sunny Majeedah is a breath of fresh air! As pleasant and light filled as her name suggests. I affectionately call her the Hooch Whisperer! She offers vaginal steaming as a way for women to not only heal but also reconnect and get to know their changing bodies as we get wiser and bolder.  She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner which is a fancy way to say she uses lab tests and other diagnostic tools to take the guess work out of women's hormonal imbalance issues.

After her own bouts of depression, feeling unworthy, unimportant and often unfulfilled in the service of family, 

homeschooling, and divorce, she discovered through testing that she was clinically exhausted with stage 3 adrenal dysfunction, estrogen domininace, underactive thyroid, insulin resistant and just plain old confused!

Her mission to uncover and understand the root causes of her health issues lead to her passion and commitment to guide other women on the same journey to wellness through her business Root Cause Root Care. Sunny is also the founder of Wombaya, a community service that offers vaginal steaming, conscious waistbeading and group hiking tours to provide affordable, alternative options to make deeply spiritual, healing self-care a regular part of women's lives.


She’s one fierce researcher too! Currently researching  and developing a body of work that highlights the importance of BIPOC families to discover and share their family’s medical history and even medical “secrets” to empower and inform each other and the generations to come so that they break chains and make better decisions for themselves.

Session Description

Sunny is going to be bring her knowledge about womb and women's hormonal health and connect it to how sharing your story will help heal not only yourself, but also generations to come. Wait till ya'll hear how she make this connection!

Session title and description will be released closer to the conference date. Be sure you are a site subscriber!