Vanessa Elam

Vanessa Elam is everything, ya heard me?!  

Vanessa is the founder and visionary of the  L.I.F.E. Women's Fellowship and the #SheisFree Movement built on the tenets of Truth, Transparency, Transformation and Triumph!

She lives out the Call on her life by coaching and mentoring women on getting out of their own way, not accepting the imposition of others' expectations and bringing them together in sacred spaces through retreats, conferences, her live TV show and other impactful experiences. A servant-leader who delights in sharing the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ who resurrected her from a life of desperate survival to one of glorious, joyful living; she is indeed free! 

I spoke to Vanessa one time before knowing, she had to be a part of this.

Session Description

Vanessa is going to be sharing her experience with being the bad guy in the story! OOOO weeee, I know that's going to hit home for a lot of us. Stay tuned. 

Session title and description will be released closer to the conference date. Be sure you are a site subscriber!